Post-Partum Depression from A Dad's Perspective and How I Found Help || Week #19

Episode 43 · April 30th, 2019 · 18 mins 12 secs

About this Episode

This past weekend in Toronto, I had the pleasure of being a guest speaker of Youth Mental Health Awareness group called Woori Maum.

I had a chance to speak to young people about the role of exercise, body image, social media and how to properly set fitness goals so you don't get bogged down. After the talk, it sent a flood of memories of the times when I had experienced mental health issues and how I wished I sought out groups like these in my time of need.

On today's show I talk about the experiences of my wife's post partum depression and how it effected our family and my role as a new dad and a husband. In sharing my story and old stigma's that I had with mental health I hope it encourages any of the listeners to go find help and/or to help others in need.

Thank you very much for the listen!

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